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Lanyards Home

Pokey (his first day off the streets)

Some cats hit the jackpot. Pokey was a young feral boy with lots of mites, matted fur, a nasty eye infection and a very pathetic meow. He had gotten trapped in the bottom of an empty dumpster and luckily his meows were heard before disaster struck. Still, he bit his rescuer. FixNation fixed him and gave him his shots. He is now a healthy, happy and rowdy cat who fetches like a dog and loves to play goalie.
Below are some fun videos of him!

Not all cats we’ve dealt with have been feral. Sometimes, the cats are quite friendly and are what would be called "stray cats". So we take them in, care for them, and try to find them a home. If we know a cat is friendly and would make a good pet, we may take them to the regular vet to avoid having its ear clipped. Of course, many of the cats have additional medical expenses, such as for worms, mites, infections, etc. So we work with the clinic to make sure they receive the proper medical attention that they need.

When we foster the cats and try to find them homes, they usually stay at our warehouse in a special room built just for them. We call it “The Kitty Condo.” The tame cats stay here until we find them a suitable home. Each morning, the cats are offered complimentary turn-down service and receive plenty of food and love.

Meet a few of our Kitty Condo residents, some of whom are available for adoption.

Super friendly boy (fixed & declawed)... Just loves to be petted. Gets along great with everybody.


Somewhat shy, but so friendly very friendly once she gets to know you. Her mommy (Mama Mia) is
also pure white and looking for a family. It'd be nice to keep them together

Unbelievably friendly and flirty. Climbs all over you and never gets tired of being loved.

She's at least 15 years old, and very friendly, smart and loves men.
She's the queen of the troop and as old and feeble as she may be, all of the other cats bow to her.
We'll keep her under our care as she requires special treatments for her aging renal systems.


Mr. Toes
Laid back older warror tomcat. Very friendly with people and other cats.
Back in the day he was the king of the neighborhood, with plenty of battle scars. But now he's retired.
He has eight toes on each paw. Actually it's more like a double hand.


BeBe Cat
Very laid back, quiet and friendly. Not overly shy, but minds her own business and doesn't make trouble.


A really good boy. He's the son of Mr. Toes. Another friendly, well behaved sweetheart.
He has one of those constant runny-eyes that needs wiping all the time. He's a really good soul.Very kind to the other cats, and great with people.


Macy really needs to find a family. She's painfully shy and living with all the other cats, she just stays in the background and has no life. She's a people cat and once she gets to know you, she's very very loving. By the way, she also happens to be absolutely gorgeous

The General
Big and fluffy, with a grouchy face. But don't let the face fool you, he's super friendly.
In fact, he's one of the most cuddly and loving cats we've had here. And that's saying a l




We encourage all Southern California residents to take part in FixNation’s program.  If you would like to volunteer or donate, you can visit their website for more info.


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