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A pair of cats can breed two litters twice a year.  Within seven years, one pair of cats could potentially produce up to 420,000 offspring.  These kind of reproduction skills translates into an alarming number of stray and feral cats.  It is estimated that there are over 60 million stray and feral cats within the US, which can cost states upwards of $50 million for animal control agencies and shelters. 

For cats living in a feral clowder (a colony of feral cats), life is a continuous cycle of hunger, fear and struggle for survival. The lifespan of such cats is nearly twice as short as a domestic cat. In addition, while they are alive, most of these animals must endure harsh cold and heat, nagging hunger, and continuous itching caused by mites, fleas and parasites. The instinctual desire to mate is another source of angst and unhappiness. For these and other reasons, we feel itís best to take care of those that are already born, and also take action to prevent additional cats from being brought into such a life, reducing the amount of unnecessary suffering in this world.

And shouldn't that be the primary.. to reduce the amount of suffering in the World?

As it turns out, we learned that having stray and feral cats euthanized does NOTHING to help control their populations. Consider this common scenario: If a certain parking lot or field will support x number of cats, and you kill half of them, it will take no time at all for the void to be filled with new ones. The most effective process is what is called TNR (Trap, Neuter and Release).

As mentioned, we began bringing feral cats to the local LA Fixnation clinic. It's quite a long drive from our warehouse, so sometimes we just bring the cats to a local vet who gives us a discount. Yes there are still a few good vets in the world who are not all about money.  With their help, we've been able to spay/ neuter and get shots for quite a few cats. The clinic also clips the ear of the cat, which tells local animal control officials that this cat has been fixed and had itís shots. Then we release the cat back to it's home ("dumpsterland").

TNR allows the cats to go back to their home and live out their lives. Feral cats usually never acclimate well to adoption and they consider the outdoors their true home. Cats are also very family-oriented, so being released back into their clowder is a happy outcome for them. Although street cats usually live much shorter lives than domesticated indoor cats, being fixed usually does prolong their lives, especially for the males, who will no longer get in fights or feel the need to cross busy streets. As an added bonus, eliminating the feline mating rituals also brings more peace and quiet to the neighborhood!


Meet some of the cats whoíve been TNRíd (yes, we name them)


Thank You FixNation.org
We encourage all Southern California residents to take part in FixNationís program.
 If you would like to volunteer or donate, you can visit their website for more info

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