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Search all blank lanyards from This includes economy blank lanyards, custom blank lanyards, wholesale blank lanyards and made-to-order lanyards. Most items in stock at our warehouse near Las Vegas and ship in 1 day.

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  1. Vape pen lanyard attachments

    E-cig, Vaping Pen Lanyard Attachments

    Vaping pen holder lanyards attachment for vape pen.
    This attachment holds standard size 'starter kit' vape pen.

    This is the attachment only
    With this item, you would normally order one of the following lanyards:

    1) Standard blank lanyard with cell phone loop (3/8" or 3/4" wide)
    2) Bling lanyard with loop attachment
    3) Custom printed cell-phone lanyard (many color options)

    4) SPECIAL:
    Custom printed vape pen lanyard (Includes attachment, so you don't need to order this attachment)


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  2. Blank Lanyard with Split Ring

    Blank Lanyard with Split Ring

    Blank lanyard that comes with a Split ring About these lanyards: 3/8 inch wide 17 inches long Split Ring(key ring) Not the correct attachment? Click Here Learn More
  3. wholesale bling lanyards

    Bling Lanyards with Cell/USB Attachment - Blank

    Description: Bling lanyards on sale now! Rhinestone lanyards studded bling ID Holders with cell phone holder/USB loop attachment and a key ring with a trigger hook attachment
    Choice of colors:
    1) White (Clear) rhinestones
    2) Pink rhinestones
    3) Blue rhinestones
    4) Mixed-color rhinestones
    5) Red rhinestones
    6) Black rhinestones
    7) Green rhinestones
    8) Yellow/Gold rhinestones
    9) Purple rhinestones

    This item is not custom printed For custom bling lanyards with printed medallion click here: Custom bling lanyards with logo Learn More
  4. Green Tubular Lanyard With Swivel Hook

    Blank Lanyard with Swivel Hook

    Did you know Swivel hooks are perfect to hold keys? Lanyard Specs: 3/8 inch wide 17 inches long Swivel Hook Not the correct lanyard you want? Click Here Learn More

Items 11 to 14 of 14 total

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