Breakaway lanyards, also commonly known as quick-release safety lanyards, offer a new level of safety and ease-of-use. Choosing a breakaway lanyard instead of a regular lanyard for certain work environments can sometimes make the difference between life and death.  Just to illustrate a how crucial these lanyards are in certain situations picture the following scenery: let’s assume that while one of your employees operates a piece of machinery his neck ID lanyard gets caught in and if it wasn’t for the breakaway mechanism the employee would suffer from severe injury.

Safety is the most important attribute customized lanyards have. Lanyards are extremely durable and tough items. Durable and tough doesn’t necessarily mean safe. Normal lanyards are not supposed to break, not even under extreme pressure. Even if it’s only meant to be worn around your neck, most lanyards can support a lot of weight. However, you don’t always need this lanyard “feature,” there are situations when you want your lanyard to snap instantly in order to preserve your safety.  

These situations are dangerous work environments or events where children are involved. Using breakaway lanyards will enable employees, event organizers and parents to have the certainty no accidents will be caused by these items. As an event organizer, you want to minimize the chances of accidents happening by taking the required preventive measures. Generally speaking, when you want easy-to-remove lanyards, breakaway lanyards should be your first choice. They cost as much as the regular ones and you are free to customize the product in order to match your design preferences as well as your budget.

But not everyone prefers breakaway lanyards for safety reasons. Some people just want to be able to snap the lanyard quickly, opting for comfort over personal safety or health issues. It’s always a good idea to offer both types of lanyards, the normal and breakaway, to your employees, attendees or staff. People want to have the option to choose between what they are wearing, some of them are not comfortable wearing breakaways so always have a second option available.
Breakaway lanyards are becoming increasingly popular and safety measures are getting stricter throughout. Safety lanyards are now specified in uniform requirements in many work fields and the trend is going favorably in the direction of these highly efficient items. Future will bring us more versatile breakaway mechanisms but today LanyardStore offers one the most reliable and inexpensive breakaways on the market.

Ordering breakaway lanyards with LanyardStore is very easy. All you need is to make the proper specifications when designing your lanyard using the highly intuitive order form on our website. You can opt for a breakaway connector or a Velcro closure. Ordering custom lanyards with Lanyards store will take no more than minutes of your time. Contact us today for a bulk breakaway lanyard order!