How often have you seen lanyards without ID holders? Probably never. You can’t think of a lanyard without a badge holder. Since they were first introduced several decades ago, badge holders have always  been pinned on your chest or attached to a lanyard on your neck. Today things haven’t changed much. Lanyards are even more popular and thanks to the internet you can order customized lanyards and accessories from the comfort of your office chair with just a few clicks of a mouse.  

LanyardStore offers full badge holder customization but a lot of customers opt for the clear badge holder which is simpler and cheaper. The discount plastic ID holders made out of acrylic are in fact the cheapest badge holders. You can choose from two standard size badge holders: the ones measuring 3 ½ x 2 ¼, perfect for business cards, and the others measuring 4 x 3 for holding IDs, small notebooks or documents.

Custom ID badges and badge holders are used for the purpose of identification, security or as entry cards for the attendees of an event. Clear acrylic badge holders are not shipped with attachments. A badge holder comes with a special hole in the top center area for badge reels and 2 chain holes on the sides for double clipping. Our card holders use a simple badge clip for attaching it to a lanyard or to any other attachment for the purpose of securing it to clothing. There are three types of attachments for badge holders: chain, clip or cord.

Custom clear acrylic badge holders are one of the most inexpensive lanyard accessories and most bulk lanyard orders include badge holders. Plastic ID holders can be easily found at your local office-supply store, but we offer them at a much lower price. Discounts are also available for large orders. Are you looking for the lowest price in the industry? You came to the right place. We offer custom badge holders for a surprisingly low price of $0.07. Order lanyards and badge holders in bulk and take advantage of the discounts LanyardStore is offering.