Out of the many, many, many types of lanyards available today, some are more focused on the safety of the individual wearing it, and those are called quick release safety lanyards, but we’ll call them breakaway lanyards because it’s accurate and easier to read.

So what are the quick release breakaway lanyards more exactly? They represent a type of lanyards whose clasps snap off quickly when the lanyard is tugged or pulled. Think about it: you, in a dangerous situation, with a piece of extremely tough fabric sitting around your neck that wouldn’t break apart if needed. That’s clearly a hypothesis in which you don’t want to play the main character, so if you have ANY concerns that an ordinary neck lanyard could become hazardous, it’s best to replace the plain one with a breakaway version.

Keep in mind that even though a breakaway lanyard is designed to release when pulled, that doesn’t mean it will snap off at the lightest pull. It does take a considerable amount of force to action the clasp, so don’t worry about the possibility of having your lanyard constantly breaking away.

Now, returning to the safety matter, who are the kind of people who should favor breakaway lanyards to everything else? Well, pretty much any company employee. If you’re working around heavy machines, you might end up with your lanyard getting stuck in a piece of machinery. This is where a breakaway lanyard can save your life instead of ending it. Although, if your tie gets caught in a working machine, a breakaway lanyard will do you no good…

Speaking of company employees, since most of them are using lanyards to attach IDs, different badges or carry keys, and since these can easily tempt others to pull the lanyard off their necks, a breakaway lanyard makes for the safest option. Individuals with jobs in security should also opt for this type of lanyards. When dealing with ‘crowd control’ situations, chances are you might get the occasional ‘fans’ who have nothing better to do than jump at you to pull off your lanyard.

People practicing sports are also ideal candidates for wearing breakaway lanyards. You could be a climber whose lanyard gets caught in small rock crevasses or tree branches, and that would give you enough of a hard time to make you resent lanyards forever. Fishermen could also get their lanyards trapped in their boat’s engine. There are plenty of sporting situations in which your lanyard can become your number one enemy, so why risk your safety?

You should consider having breakaway lanyards worn by your children as well, because lanyards can easily get caught in trees (and you know how kids love to climb on trees) or in pieces of equipment at the playground. Other kids could pull on your child’s lanyard, and it can also become a choking hazard. If you want to make sure that he/she doesn’t lose the school badge or the house keys, do acquire a lanyard, but in a breakaway version.

Safety should always be your main concern, so if you need a convenient item to carry items like IDs, cellphones or keys, don’t just pick any kind of lanyard, pick a quick release safety lanyard.