If you want to advertise your business name to a lot of different people then you should consider having customized lanyards for your staff's security passes. These can advertise the company they are from so anyone can immediately identify them.

You can get lanyards in a variety of colors therefor they can be made to match your company logo. They can be black, blue, red, purple, green, white, yellow, orange or any other color. Just make sure that the text you choose to use on it is easily visible on the main color. With lanyardstore.com you also have a choice of clip too, so you can select the one that works best with your security pass holder.

There are several advantages for providing your staff with lanyards that display your company name or logo. The most significant advantage is that they will encourage them to wear their security pass and give them no reason to claim they can't wear it. This means that it will be easy to identify workers in your office building and if anyone who shouldn't be there comes in then workers will immediately be alerted about this.

If you have staff who frequently visits customer sites then wearing a lanyard with their security pass visible will have two effects. Firstly it will be an advertisement for your company which other people will be able to see when your staff is on other sites. Secondly it will make the identity of your employee immediately available and therefore prevent any difficulties when they are approached by other people on that site.

If your employees wear their security passes to and from work, and when they are out at lunchtime, they will also be advertising your business. If the lanyards are bright and colorful, they will attract the attention of others and may become a talking point. This is a great way of making your company better recognized in the town where you are based. If you are a new company or relatively unknown, then increasing people’s awareness of your brand is a good idea.

Lanyards are cheap and easy to get hold of, and are a good investment if you know that your workforce is going to be wearing them in different locations. It can also increase the moral of staff if they are given a free gift like this, especially if you give them other items at the same time such as company branded mouse mats, usb sticks, coasters or mugs. Although they will realize they are just advertisements, no one can resist something that is free!
If you order in bulk you often receive a discount from lanyardstore.com, and this could make it worth ordering more than you need. Then you could give them away as promotional items as well to get your company name advertised in other places outside your office.

So you can see that providing your workforce with lanyards can be a good way of increasing security, and publicity for your company at the same time, and it doesn't cost a lot of money.