Small things are just as important in life as big things are and every decision counts. So when you are picking a color for your drapes, buying a piece of clothing, or simply choosing a strap for eyeglasses or sunglasses, the decision you’ve made will affect your life.  (Ok, maybe that was a strange transition, but read along and you'll understand what we're talking about...)

Eyeglass straps are usually found in many sizes. You can choose the standard 27-inch straps or you can opt for custom length straps. A lot of customers often order the standard size if they aren't really sure about their target market, but most people usually choose their own strap length. On the one hand, some like their glasses tightly attached to their head, so custom short-length straps are ideal for them. On the other hand, some prefer more freedom while wearing glasses, so they decide to buy longer straps.

The color of eyeglass straps is another thing that you need to pay attention to. You can usually choose black, white, green, blue, red, or yellow straps, while custom color straps are paid extra, and require the production of 5000 pieces or more. Because the strap is pretty thin, we don't really recommend complex logos, so a text imprint is your best bet.  However, you can choose one of our logos and the appropriate letter font and imprint your desired text. Also, the sliding bead is always a popular choice, which allows you to manipulate the strap in a desirable way.

Eyeglass straps are usually sold in bulk, namely 150 pieces or more. The great thing about custom eyeglass straps is that they are a perfect way to advertise your company. Opticians, optometrists, and anyone in the sunglass or eyeglass industry can promote their business by attaching logo-imprinted glass straps to every model of glasses they sell.  Again, this is a small decision, but, as you can "see," it could make a huge impact for your business.