Choosing the most suitable plastic badge holders is not as easy as it may seem. You might be inclined to think that wearers don’t pay too much attention to their badge holders. Well, they do, and if they don’t like what they are wearing, and it’s uncomfortable in any way, they might just refuse to wear it. When it comes to size, you need to make sure the badge holder is not very bulky for frequent use. If leaflets, brochures and others alike are to be used with the holder, you should considering pairing a large holder with a lanyard and wear it around your neck. This way, it won’t weigh down the clothing and not to mention, it’s much easier to move around. If the badge holder will be worn daily, 3”x4” is the maximum size you want use just because of it's mobility. Since there are so many business card sizes to fit any kind of badge holders, it’s easier to pick the one that is most suited for your needs.

Badge holders are manufactured in various thicknesses of vinyl. The most common thickness is 10 millimeters, and it’s most suited for occasional or limited use. This size holds up perfectly for the entire duration of the meeting or event. However, if you want a holder that can withstand more wear and tear, you should definitely consider our heavy duty holders.

The process of choosing the fastener type has to involve your guests/employees. You must have their comfort in mind as well as choosing something that is most practical in their circumstances. The standard pin is without a doubt the cheapest option, and quite common for that matter. However, even if pins are generally secure to the wearer’s clothing, they can cause damage to scarves, and other similar clothing. If caught into the pin, the object can be seriously damaged, especially if it’s made out of a soft material.

But that’s not the only option. Bulldog clips are yet another suitable alternative that prevents damage to your clothing, but uniforms will need to have a special place for this attachment, such as a collar or a pocket. You can also get a combo pin and clip with your badge holder, in case one proves to be more suitable in certain situations. The most common way to use a badge holder is with a lanyard. Lanyards are often worn around the neck, completely eliminating the option of attaching the holder to clothing. Lanyards are usually offered with swivel hook, bulldog clip, or keyring fasteners. At LanyardStore you get a variety of combo options to fit your budget.

A key fact to know about badge holders is that they come with one of two types of fastener attachment slots: oval and circle. The oval slots work better for the bulldog clips while the circle slots are generally better for swivel hooks. Key rings are easier to attach and they work well with either style. LanyardStore offers a few options for ordering lanyards and badge holders together, either blank or custom printed. Plastic badge holders can be printed in various colors and with various titles. The most popular titles are “Guest”, “Attendee”, and “Exhibitor”. You can also choose to include many other things on your badge holder, such as your logo or company name.

Take your time and make sure you're making the right decision.