Lanyards… Most people will automatically shout out some derogatory remarks such as “Boring!”, but the fact is that lanyards are anything but boring! Yes, lanyards can indeed be fun! You have seen officials wearing lanyards, and you have seen convention speakers wearing lanyards – but you probably never thought about wearing a lanyard in your everyday life, right? We will here give you a few everyday uses of lanyards, which will prove that these items are not only practical but also fun in some situations.

Get a few custom-printed lanyards and make your parents wear them whenever they are leaving the house. We all know that the elderly are prone to losing stuff like keys, wallets, cell phones, and so on. Well, why not attach these items to lanyards and make sure that your parents never lose anything important again?

You need a pencil and you can never find one? Well, instead of carrying a pencil in your bag, and carrying your bag around with you all the time, why not wear the pencil? Yes, we are telling you to wear your pencil – is there anything more practical? Choose a cool pencil and an even cooler lanyard, and never ever be caught pencil-less again!

Are you tired of wearing a wrist watch? Do you often think of the time when people used to wear pocket watches and a smile comes to your face without you even realizing it? If you like the idea of pocket watches, then you will love wearing a lanyard watch! Yes, you can indeed buy an affordable watch and customize it in a way that it can be attached to your favorite lanyard. This way, you will not only get rid of those pesky wrist watches, but you will also become a trend-setter.

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