Having an eco-friendly lifestyle and buying “green” products is a principle taken seriously by more and more people. Individuals and companies alike are all trying to accentuate the importance of renewing and recycling, buying and developing products made of materials which are safe to the environment. So, all you lanyard lovers out there, if you prefer items made of green fabrics, do consider using eco-friendly lanyards. 

Bamboo fiber lanyards

There are a number of fabrics made from plants, an example being bamboo. Bamboo may not be the first plant crossing your mind as being raw material for fibers, yet fabrics created out of processed bamboo are durable and soft, and so are the lanyards made of bamboo fabric. The great thing about bamboo lies in its fast growth, and that makes it a popular plant for commercial use. In addition, bamboo growth doesn’t involve harsh chemicals because this plant is incredibly resistant to different types of pests.

Cotton lanyards

Perhaps the most commonly known fabric is cotton, this being another material used to make lanyards out of. Cotton is a renewable resource, and one that has been used for centuries. Cotton plants are harvested in various countries around the globe, the poufy white part of the plant being spun into yarn. Some lanyards are made of pure cotton, others are created using cotton-based mixes of fabric.

Satin lanyards

Satin is an elegant, soft and feminine material, and one that is preferred by ladies to whom fashion never loses its importance, even when it comes to lanyards. Satin is an eco-friendly fabric because it is based on silk, the latter being a renewable resource. Silk is not produced from plants, but from silk worms which have also been grown for centuries.

Lanyards are pretty durable, but just like many other items, there comes the time when you wish to dispose of your old ones in favor of newly-purchased lanyards in more attractive designs and what not. Not all lanyards are biodegradable, so if you’re really focused on using environmentally-friendly products, do consider acquiring lanyards made of green materials. Bamboo, cotton, satin and other fabrics are completely eco-friendly and recyclable, and lanyards made of natural resources like these are physical proof of your interest and efforts in supporting the eco-friendly movement. Think about that next time you’re ordering lanyards for marketing purposes. A “green” company is one that customers always smile back at.