Many people take great pride and joy in the lawn and garden. They spend countless hours puttering away in their yards to keep them looking their best. For many people, this isn’t work but rather a labor of love, which they gladly undertake with a joy in their hearts. For them, there’s nothing quite like getting back to nature and feeling the life in the plants and the soil. If this sounds like you, then you know just how much satisfaction you can get from spending time in your garden.

If you spend a lot of time working in your garden, you’ll also know how much pruning, weeding, watering and other care your plants need. You’ll know that you need just the right tools for the job, and a lot of these tools are small and easy to lose track of. It can be very frustrating to be pruning your shrubs, put your pruners down for a minute and not be able to find them again. It would be so nice to be able to put them down but still have them with you. You could put them in your pocket, but that can make your pockets really dirty or even tear the fabric. A much better option is to clip them to a lanyard that you wear around your neck, so that you have them right where you need them when you need them. This is also true for any of the small tools that make gardening so much easier.

A lanyard makes the perfect spot to keep your pruners, trowel, hand weeder or any other small hand tool. If you’re tying up shrubs or staking your taller plants, you can clip a roll of raffia or twist ties to it so they’ll be easy to reach when you need them. It also makes a perfect spot to clip your sunglasses when the sun goes behind a cloud and you don’t need them anymore. If you use a hand magnifying lens to check for aphids or other small insects, then a lanyard is the logical place to keep it while you’re working.

If indoor gardening is a pastime you enjoy, then you’ll be sure to find a lanyard just as useful as you would were you working with plants out of doors, perhaps even more so, as the tools you use are often very small. This is especially true if you work with bonsai or orchids, as the pruners and scissors you use are very small and really easy to lose.

One really great part of keeping your gardening tools on a lanyard is that when you’re finished gardening for the day, you can simply hang the lanyard up and everything will be right where you left it the next time you go out to enjoy your hobby.

If you run garden center, custom lanyards with the name of your business printed on them make a great promotional items, as they are something that every gardener will be able to use. They are inexpensive and if you have your business’s name and phone number custom printed on them, your customers will know just who to go to when they need plants, supplies or just advice.

Gardening is a hobby that not only brings joy to the gardener but also beauty to the world. Whether your garden indoors or out, a lanyard makes keeping tack of your tools so much easier, and is sure to become a valuable part of your gardening supplies.