Almost everyone has heard of Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders and knows of the good work they do to help bring medical care to developing countries around the world. They are just one of many groups who do their very best to help others in areas of the globe that the rest of the world seems to have forgotten. They travel to places with little to none of the modern conveniences that we take for granted in the western world, and help feed and provide medical care and education to people who have had to live a very hard life. In many places, the people they work with don’t always speak or read the same language, and it’s a real help if they can have some way of making themselves easily identifiable. This is where custom printed lanyards can play an invaluable role.

One way that custom printed lanyards can be put to excellent use is to have relief agency workers wear different colors to identify people with different roles in the relief effort. This is especially helpful in areas where much of the population is unable to read or speak the same language as many of the workers. This can help to facilitate communication, and fosters a sense of trust in a population of people who may have every reason to not put their faith in anyone else.

Many people in developing countries have experienced war, famine and natural disasters. They have been through some very difficult times in their lives, and it may be hard for them to trust outsiders, especially if they can’t communicate effectively with them. By identifying the members of different relief agencies as well as their role, custom printed lanyards can perform a very important job.

If an agency is setting up a public service such as a health care center or school, custom lanyards can also play a major role. They can be issued to staff, patients or students, and the different colors help everyone keep track of who’s who. If a group is running something like an immunization clinic, the lanyards can be issued to everyone who comes in for a shot.. With a card attached showing their immunization record, these lanyards make it very easy for the medical staff to know who is up to date with their vaccines and who isn’t.

Many developing countries have very hot climates, and in these areas, lanyards made from neoprene are especially well suited. They are comfortable to wear, breathable, and don’t make your neck hot. They also come in a wide range of colors and you can choose the type of fastener that is best suited to your needs. A good idea to have each member of the relief staff wear one with an identification card attached, so that everyone will know who they are.

International relief organizations play a big role in providing vital services, care and compassion to people in the developing world. Custom printed lanyards can play a huge role in helping them to perform their vital work.