When you have to go to the hospital as either an outpatient or for a more lengthy stay, it can be a rather unsettling experience. There’s a constant hum of activity all around you, and there’s always lots of people coming and going. If you’re already worried about your health, the last thing you need is to have to worry about is keeping track of all the different staff members and other hospital personnel you are bound to encounter during your stay. One thing that can really help bring peace of mind to someone in this situation is having the hospital staff be easy to identify. Custom lanyards provide the perfect solution.

Custom lanyards are a very inexpensive way to make a hospital’s staff, volunteers and other personnel easily identifiable. The name of the health care facility can be printed on them, and because they come in a wide assortment of colors, they can be used in many different ways.

One way to use custom lanyards is to use different colors to identify different types of hospital personnel. Doctors, nurses, health care aides, administration staff, dietary staff, cleaners, volunteers, etc. can all have their own unique color of lanyard. When combined with the personnel ID badge, a patient or family member will be able to tell at a glance who you are and what your position is. This can make a big difference to someone who is already feeling stressed, and can make their hospital stay go that much more smoothly.

Senior care is an area of health care where custom lanyards can easily be used to their full advantage. Residents of senior health care facilities will appreciate being able to identify staff members, and if the lanyards are a color that is bright and happy, they can bring a bit of cheer to a senior’s day. This is also true for the staff in the pediatric ward of a hospital. The kids there are likely to be pretty nervous and scared about being away from home and surrounded by strangers. Having the staff wear lanyards that are in bright and “happy” colors can make a big difference. To help the kids feel even more at ease, staff members can attach bold and colorful name tags to them, so the kids can know them by name. This can help a child find some comfort in a very confusing situation, and it’s also helpful to parents who are likely very worried about their child.

People who are using the hospital for regular treatment on an outpatient basis can also make good use of custom lanyards. Used in place of the more traditional wristband, they can be worn when the person is using the outpatient treatment facilities, then be taken off until they are needed the next time. With a badge attached that carries all the necessary identification information, a lanyard is convenient, unobtrusive and comfortable alternative to a hospital wrist band.

Custom lanyards can be an indispensible part of your hospital’s security system. They provide a method of identifying hospital personnel that is quick, convenient and comfortable. If they are a bright and happy color, they can even bring a bit of cheer and brighten a patient’s day.