For a small child, going to the doctor is usually not a lot of fun. It’s even less fun when they have to go to the hospital. Whether it’s going to the hospital because they are sick, have been hurt, or just to see the doctor, going to the hospital can be a very scary experience for a child. Most hospitals work very hard to make children feel more comfortable about their visit or stay, and one idea that can rally make a difference is to present each child with a ‘hospital survival pack”. These packs can be a way for a child to feel a whole lot better about their time in the hospital.

A hospital survival pack should be filled with items that children like and will find useful. One item that kids always enjoy are friendship bracelets. Friendship bracelets that have been custom printed with the name of the hospital don’t cost very much, and kids will be proud to wear them. Older children or teens may prefer a custom printed lanyard to a bracelet, and these are available in a wide selection of styles. If a tag and washable markers or stickers are included along with the lanyard, they can also be very useful to the staff in assessing how a child is feeling. A child can choose a sticker or draw a face that shows how they are feeling, even if they can’t find the right words. Special custom printed “break away” lanyards are available, which are the prefect choice if they are going be given to younger children.

Depending on the age and needs of a child, different items can be included in the “survival pack”. Drawing paper, washable markers, activity books, custom printed pens, a printed eyeglass strap and even custom printed shoelaces are all excellent choices. If your budget can stretch far enough, a small stuffed animal will likely be very appreciated, even by an older child or teen.

These “hospital survival packs” make great items to sell in a hospital gift shop or lobby. They can help to raise funds for the hospital and provide valuable items to the young patients. These “survival packs” can also be adapted to make them suitable for adults. While an adult may not appreciate the stickers and custom printed shoelaces the way a child would, they most likely will find the lanyard, nametag and even custom printed eyeglass strap to be very useful during their hospital stay. Custom printed lanyards are even available that have an mp3 holder attached, which makes them an ideal choice for someone in the hospital who wants to listen to their mp3 player but still have their hands free. Package a custom printed lanyard with some custom printed pens, some paper and puzzle books, a toothbrush and toothpaste and any other little odds and ends that make a hospital stay more pleasant and you’ll end up with a pack that everyone facing a hospital stay will appreciate.

Whether it’s for a few hours or an extended stay, visiting the hospital can make both children and adults very nervous. A well stocked “hospital survival pack” can make the whole experience much more pleasant.