The lanyard reels are a perfect alternative to the conventional lanyards. We sell several different lanyard setups and among the most popular we have the lanyard reels which are lanyards with reels attached to them. Reels are very useful for many reasons, but mainly because it gives the wearer the freedom to move his ID around, either for opening doors or for other similar purposes.

Purchasing custom lanyard reels from Lanyard Store is a great way to save cash. Not only our lanyards are the cheapest around but by purchasing a complete lanyard reel setup you will be granted with additional discounts that add up consistently when you purchase a large number of items. Simply put, if you need lanyards to be used with reels, buying lanyard reels is the most cost-efficient option available to you.

Besides discounts there is yet another good reason why you should purchase the reels along with the lanyards and that is the congruency between these two items. You most always want to have them sort of matching together in order to create the maximum visual effect. Beautiful lanyards are worn more often than those that don’t look that good. So, the aesthetics are important and that’s the main reason why we have invested over half of million dollars in manufacturing and printing equipment, to offer our customers that high quality imprints that can really make a difference.

People are stimulated by visuals and interesting mechanics such as the reel wheel. Even though the interest for the reel is mainly purely functional, people enjoy using it, and we all can relate to this since we have a kid inside of us that likes colors and toys, and wearing and using a lanyard reel can be fun. However, reels aren’t the cheapest lanyard accessory therefore purchasing them in a large amounts is most always based on an objective business-oriented motivation.

Functionality is the key asset of custom lanyard reels. There are different types of reels that can go well with your chosen lanyards but you will have to check each of them in order to see which one suits your needs and budget. Both the lanyards and the reels are priced accordingly so you will most definitely find a lanyard reel setup that you like.