How many times have you heard that it is all relative? People have different perceptions of the same things. This is why we have a million opinions, each of which is unique and independent for itself. However, there is another question that is a very good food for thought – how many times have you tried to live in this world where everything is relative? To illustrate this with an excellent example, we'll rephrase this question – how many times have you stepped out of the box and decided to stop taking things for granted?

There are many people who are very creative, and these people change the world with the little things they do. Changing how the world works doesn't require the next Einstein. It is so easy to change things, which is why we will give you some ideas. You don't need anything special for this project, but you will participate in changing the world.

Let's presume you have a pen. Most people will use a pen to write, draw, and on different surfaces – this is the main use of pens. However, there are a lot of other things that are less common, though as practical as the basic use of pens. For example, a pen can help you make a hole in a card box of milk, that cannot be open in any other way.

Lanyards are another common item that can do as much as save someone's life. Imagine you have any kind of a problem that disables you from reaching your cell phone and call for help. A lanyard may in this case serve as your lasso, or that extra few inches that separate you from the desired object. You think this is too radical? Well, it may be, but it doesn't hurt to hear the idea.

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