There is a number of ways you can acquire a lanyard, but unless you buy it yourself in a design you actually like, chances are you might get a very plain one you won’t even get to use. Or simply one void of any fashion appeal or creativity whatsoever. What if you can do something about it and turn your lanyard into something actually worth hanging around? What if you can do a…lanyard makeover?

Ok, so to recap, you receive a lanyard – let’s say for free as a promotion, from school, from an institution, or from a friend who has no idea what taste you could possibly have in lanyards – and you wish to put it to good use, however, you’re uncertain what to use it for and what you can do to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Well, a young mom could attach it to her car keys for example, and ask her kid to personalize it for her. Cute stickers, glitter, a 1st grade-like slouchy signature, all these can turn a lanyard not only into something adorable you can show to the other moms in the park, but also an item of great sentimental value that can be later kept into a photo album or a chest full of other ‘memories’ like that.

Speaking of cutsey things, if you’re into girly adornments, you can get a plush animal key chain and attach it to your lanyard, or you can personalize it with glitter, sequins or any other adornments you’d find into a craft store.

If you have some awesome photos you’re really proud of, you can always use more than social networking sites or your cellphone screen saver to show them off. A great way to brighten up your day and store pictures you care about is by using a digital picture key chain and hang it to your lanyard to always have them in your sight. You can also acquire a simple key chain picture frame and place your favorite photo inside that for close keeping.

A soccer enthusiast could dye the lanyard into the colors of his favorite team whereas a fashion savvy can always attach a trendy bracelet or a chain to dress up her lanyard. A charm trinket could also be used as an affordable embellishment, but with sentimental value. Fashionistas can also put their lanyard to good use by purchasing a keychain lip gloss or an eye shadow stick and attach them to the lanyard. This way, it will be a lot easier for you to find your favorite makeup product in a bag full of similar items.

There are tons of things you can do to add interest to a plain lanyard. You just have to find one that suits you best.