Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries today, and Eco-tourism is a big part of that. More and more people want to, quite literally, get away from it all and enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer. Included in this trend is the increase of interest in sports such as white water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking and other high energy sports. When participating in sports like these, it's vital that your hands be kept free and this is where customized lanyards can really be useful. You can use one to carry small items that you need to have within easy reach without tying up the use of your hands or needing big pockets. Whether you engage in vigorous outdoor activities or something more sedate, you'll be sure to find that a custom lanyard will quickly become and essential part of your outdoor adventure kit.

When one thinks of a lanyard, one use that often immediately comes to mind is using it as a way to hold an ID badge or other identification item. This is certainly one way that a custom lanyard can be used as part of an Eco-tourism experience. It will help the guide and tourists learn each other's names and keep track of one another, but they can also contain more information. Medical information such as a list of any allergies, medical conditions, blood type or other information can be included that could be vital in an emergency.. It can be written both in the language of the tour group and also in the native language of the area. This could prove invaluable in an emergency when every second counts. If the lanyard is in a bright color, it will make it very easy to spot someone who has become separated from the group, which is one more way that a lanyard can make a big difference in the overall safety of the trip.

While using a lanyard to carry ID is certainly one excellent way to put one to good use, there are custom lanyards that can do so much more. There are lanyards available that can carry water bottles, MP3 plaerys or phones, keys, a magnifier or other items. Any of these would be very useful on an outdoor adventure. Safety items like a whistle or compass will now be easy to carry, and will be right there at your fingertips when you need them. If one is rafting, climbing, hiking or engaging in another activity, it will be really wonderful to be able to carry these items but still have your hands free. You can even clip a pen and paper to it for recording field notes or other observations about your discoveries.

If you operate an Eco-tourism business, then you know how important it is to advertise. You want to get the word out there about your company without having to spend a lot to do it. Custom lanyards provide you a way to advertise without having to break the bank to do so. You can order them in the color of your choice and have them custom printed with the name of your company right on them in a bold contrasting color that is sure to attract attention. Since the lanyard is such a useful item, the people who wore them on your tour will be bound to use them over and over again, thus spreading the word about your company without you having to do a thing!

With such a wide variety of styles and uses, custom lanyards are sure to be a very useful item to the Eco-tourist or outdoor enthusiast. They are inexpensive, practical, and bound to become an essential part of any outdoor adventure.