Special needs kids face many obstacles that can make every day life a real challenge. They have to work so much harder at the things we often take for granted. This is especially apparent in kids who have severe autism or who are, for whatever reason, nonverbal. These kids simply aren’t able to directly communicate their needs, and this can be very dangerous, especially in an emergency situation. Compounding that problem is the fact that many kids with autism are prone to wandering off away from home or school, and if they get lost, they will not be able to verbally communicate their needs to whoever finds them. Even if they are verbal, in an emergency, they may become flustered or frightened and find it very difficult to let others know what their problem is. Finding a solution to this problem can be vital, and a custom lanyard can be just perfect for this situation.

A custom lanyard can be quite simple. It can be printed with the name of the child’s school or phone number, and outfitted with a small badge that contains emergency contact information that will be vital in helping the child get hone should they wander and become lost. The badge can also contain any other medical information that can be life saving in an emergency situation.

One thing to keep in mind when trying to find aids for a child with autism is that just like any other child, they are an individual and may have different feelings about wearing a lanyard. They may want one that’s unobtrusive and easy to conceal when it isn’t needed, or they may want one that’s brighter and let’s the world know they take great pride in who they are. It can even be a fashion statement. The really nice thing about custom lanyards is that they are available in such a wide variety of styles and colors that each child is sure to find the one that’s just perfect for them. They are also available in a wide range of materials, which makes them a great choice for a child who is very sensitive to the feel of certain fabrics, as is the case with many children with autism or other sensory processing disorders.

Another great way for a child with autism to make good use of a custom lanyard is to have one prepared for different situations. Custom lanyards that have an attached neck wallet are perfect for holding a card with a social story printed on it that applies to a particular situation. This makes them an invaluable teaching and occupational therapy aid. For example, a social story can be prepared about what the child should do when it’s time for bed. This can be drawn on a card, which is then placed in the neck wallet. At bedtime, the child just needs to refer to the card in the wallet and they’ll be reminded of what to do. The card can be changed as the child’s needs or activities change. This is perfect for a classroom setting, as there can be several neck wallets with cards for different activities such as snack time, recess, going home time, or “bathroom break” time.

A child with autism or other special needs can face many challenges that the rest of us don’t have to worry about. A custom lanyard can certainly find a place in their daily routine and be an invaluable aid in their day to day life.