A light up lanyard is a kind of charm at the end of a lanyard. It is made of plastic and contains a LED which will glow when switched on. These can come in a variety of shapes including oval, cross, diamond and circular. They also come in a variety of different colors as well such as blue and red. The can emit a constant light or can flash between two different colors. They can be attached to a key ring, mobile phone loop or a vinyl snap.

These would be ideal for a school event such as a disco or ball where children might need a pass to get in. They can use the LED lanyard so you can see who they are in the dark, and it can also be a great novelty item for them which could encourage them to wear them more often.

If you were to provide these at trade shows they could work very well as promotional items. Attendees are likely to use them again as it is fun, and they get passed onto their children to play with, hence your logo will get more exposure. If you are attending a conference with products that are for use in the dark, then it is ideal for people walking around to use them, as they will draw attention.

This is a novelty item, and anything like this is worth investing in as a promotional item. People are more likely to use something that is a bit different, and equally others are likely to notice it and ask where it has come from. Therefore choosing an item like this, which is unique and noticeable, will end up being a great investment for you.

For example, if you are giving them out at a conference, the attendees may wear it during a lecture when the lights are low and they can use the light on it to read their program. They may then use it in their office if they work in dark areas and other colleagues will be drawn to them. As lots of offices make you wear work passes all the time, which will have lanyards attached to them, and a lot of people will want to personalize these rather than using ones that the company provides. Something alternative like a light up lanyard will be a way that they can show off a bit of their personality and still display who there are but do it in a fun way.

A mobile phone attachment will be shown most often, as not only will it be displayed when the phone rings, but a lot of people leave their phones on their desks at work and anyone walking past their desk will see the lanyard and may comment on it.

So choosing an alternative to a conventional item like the regular lanyard, is a good way of drawing people's attention to your promotional item and make them start talking about where it was obtained and will get your company name spoken out loud in different offices among business people.