Have you ever needed to sign-off on something and been unable to find a pen? Or needed to jot down a creative idea before you forgot? Many situations call for use of a pen immediately. Using a pen holding lanyard provides immediate access to a pen whenever you need one.

Some professions in particular work environment require frequent pen usage and will benefit considerably by using a lanyard.

For UPS, USPS, and any other delivery drivers, it's crucial to have a pen accessible at all times. Package recipients need to sign-off on packages and often don't have one handy. When carrying packages, you may put the clipboard on top, but a pen would probably roll off. A pen holding lanyard provides a hands-free approach to keeping a pen available.

Teachers benefit from using lanyards, as well. They are often multitasking, sometimes walking around the room writing suggestions on student papers, grading assignments and signing various papers from the school office.

Anyone in the creative field can use pen-holding lanyards. Someone composing a song may need to have free hands to play piano, but, then need a pen handy for changing the notes on paper. A writer may have an idea for a story, song or poem while some place where a pen is unavailable. Some of the greatest ideas have been lost because there wasn’t a pen handy!

Time spent looking for a pen can be alleviated for many professions making use of time more efficient and productive.