Almost every family in the US has a pet. The vast majority of these pets are either dog or cats, and many families have both a dog and a cat, or even several of each. And if you have a cat or a dog, owning a leash isn’t just an option, it’s basically a requirement.  

It is very important that your pet, be it a cat or a dog, gets enough exercise. Exercise is important for pets not only because they need it in order to lead a healthy life, but also because it will put a smile on their little, furry faces. Now, even though you can take your dog out without a leash, many people prefer to have a leash, and they are right to have such a preference. Have you ever seen a cat on a leash? Not only is it a funny sight, but it’s actually very practical, as cats tend to be much more skittish.

The necessity of owning a pet leash is a great opportunity to advertise for anyone within the pet industry.  This includes pet shelters, veterinaries, pet hospitals, adoption centers, and pet stores.  You can order personalized pet leashes with your organization’s name or your logo and give them out as a way to say “Thanks” to those who have either adopted a pet or purchased pet supplies.  One of the greatest features about handing out customized pet leashes is that it serves as a walking billboard every time someone takes their pet on a walk, which is much more effective than a lot of other promotional products.  Sure, you can go ahead and order other popular promotional items like business cards or pens, but ultimately, people are more likely use a free leash.

So the moral of the story: if you’re in the pet industry and sell either pets or pet products, one of the best ways to advertise your organization is with a customized pet leash.  Slap your logo, the name of your organization, and your number on it and ask those little cats and dogs for a helping hand! (or paw…)