We've all heard about lanyards and we have all probably worn a lanyard at least once in our lives. Lanyards are basically a very handy piece of material that goes around your neck and has a million purposes. Many companies use lanyards as a very powerful and effective promotional tool, and the reason for this is the fact that lanyards will both attract and sustain anyone’s attention. However, you didn’t start reading this to find out what lanyards can be used for – you have come here to see what you can do in order to make money by investing smartly and buying promotional lanyards in bulk.

Buying in bulk has always been very cost-effective, and buying promotional lanyards is no exception to this universal rule. So we'll give you an idea how you can invest some money into promotional lanyards and make a large profit from it.

Generally speaking, promotional lanyards have to be imprinted with the name and/or the logo of the company in question, so you will basically have to buy custom lanyards and let us know what you want your lanyards to feature. For example, you can order lanyards in any color and different materials, and you can also choose the printing on them. This will give you a chance to create unique lanyards and afterwards sell them for profit easily.

When it comes to making money, it is very important to understand that a custom lanyard you buy from us will cost you $2.19 if you buy 50 of them. Even though you can easily sell these lanyards for $2.50 and make a nice profit, the best thing to do is buy more than 50 lanyards at once. Namely, you will get an amazing discount if you choose to buy 100 lanyards, 250 lanyards, 500 lanyards, 1000 of them, and so on. If you buy 100 custom lanyards, each will cost you $1.52.  At 250 this price will go down to just under a dollar, at 500 the price will be only $0.67, and if you decide to buy 1000 lanyards from us, each of them will cost you only $0.58. When you take into account that you will probably be able to sell these promotional lanyards at $2.50 a piece, you can easily see that the profit margin is something that will definitely make this a worthwhile investment.