Are you a business owner who wants to promote a brand? Are you interested in a brand promotion tool that will help you raise brand recognition easily and affordably? If you are, then there's only one real option that you have. The answer is pretty simple, and it involves a product that can be used for a million different purposes, and yet it is very affordable.

Too many business owners and managers focus on the business promotional tools that can do the job, but that are often too expensive or too common. It's not a bad thing to use these common items per se, but the fact that everybody is using them, along with their often too high price, prevents these items from becoming the number one business promotion tool for you.

The best business promotion tool you can choose today is actually the one and only – DRUMROLL – lanyard! Lanyards are cool, and they are not as nearly commonly used as other boring promotional products. Lanyards offer you a wide range of uses, and they also come at amazingly low prices. Did you know that you can get a custom printed lanyards with your company logo and/or name printed on it for as low as $0.55? Yes, this sounds like a giveaway, but the fact is that lanyards are definitely the most cost-effective solution when it comes to business promotion tools.

Invest much less in customized lanyards and raise your brand awareness almost effortlessly. Why is this so? Well, research has shown that a vast majority of people simply throw away simple promotional materials after tradeshows or conventions. Lanyards are long-lasting, and they have hundreds of purposes. When you give someone a lanyard, they will use it for a very long time – and this is exactly what you want them to do with a business promotion tool!