We spend a ton of time listening to music, and with the advent of portable MP3 players, we're now listening to music throughout the day.  In 2011, Apple reported that there was over 300 million iPods sold, and that's just one type of portable player.  Many people relax and clear their thoughts when listening to music they like, but because of the lack of time for enjoying good music in a stress-free environment, MP3 players stand out as a solution. This way you can enjoy your favorite songs when going to work, running errands, working out, or studying.

Using an MP3 lanyard carrier is an ideal solution for promoting your business just because of the sheer amount of portable players out in the market. You can customize your own lanyard and choose the length, color or the logo that you prefer. Also, a stitch or a buckle option is offered to you. MP3 lanyard carriers are made from very strong nylon, so you don’t need to worry that your player will break the lanyard and end up shattering on the ground.  You can even have a fastener at the end and choose a swivel hook, split ring, and carabineer, as well as a detachable cell phone loop or a bulldog clip.

The two main reasons to get these for your business is the exposure that you can get.  Everyone who wears these turns into a walking billboard for your business.  The second reason is their versatility. MP3 lanyard carriers are perfect not only for MP3 players, but also for cell phones and some other portable devices. This is the reason why any store that sells MP3 players and similar devices won’t go wrong if deciding to equip the store with different kinds of lanyard holders.