There are a lot of unique industries, and almost all of them have promotional products. Those who are in industries such as construction, architecture, or other services are no exception.  Even though there are hundreds of different promotional items to choose from, most of them have been used so many times by so many different companies that they have become too expected and simply boring. This is why you should think about getting a promotional item such as the measuring tape keyring, and we will discuss the benefits of this particular item here.

First of all, measuring tape keyrings are a great choice simply because they are not so commonly used for promotion as some other items. Your potential customers and clients will enjoy getting a promotional item that they will be able to actually use, and this brings us to the second benefit.

Namely, how many times have you needed a measuring tape and you didn’t have it on you? This has probably happened many times to everyone, and we all have our keys with us at all times. By having a keyring that is actually a measuring tape, you will basically have the measuring tape with you at all times.

Thirdly, measuring tape keyrings are great because they serve two purposes at once, acting as a keychain and a measuring tape simultaneously, and anything that has more than one purpose is always considered to be very practical to have on hand.  Depending on what you're looking for, or what kind of message you want to send, you can purchase these square custom measuring tape keychains that come with a metal measuring tape, or select the round plastic measuring tape with a light, plastic measuring tape.

Finally, our custom measuring tape keyrings come in many different colors and can be custom printed, so they are really a very affordable promotional item. For example, if you decide to order over a hundred items, each one will cost you only $0.99, and at 500+ items, each one will set you back for only $0.58. Furthermore, if you decide to really invest in business promotion, buying over 5,000 measuring tape keyrings will bring the cost of each item down to an amazing $0.38.