High-quality lanyards don’t have to be expensive. The main problem encountered by many customers is that they purchase their promotional items from intermediates instead of buying them directly from the manufacturer. This simple factor alone can reduce the cost substantially. One of the main reasons why you should always buy lanyards in bulk from a manufacturer is the cost reduction that applies to large orders. LanyardStore sells lanyards and accessories since 1997 and ever since we shipped millions of cheap lanyards to USA and other countries. Our goal is to keep offering the highest quality lanyards for the lowest price in the industry.

Let’s look at a simple example that describes how cheap our lanyards are and how much you can save by purchasing bulk lanyards from LanyardStore using the tier price structure that applies to all of our products. Let’s presume that you need around 50,000 custom lanyards for your 3-year period marketing plan. In this example I will assume that you want to purchase the basic lanyard type which costs around $1.95 if your purchasing more than 100 pieces. Purchasing your 50,000 lanyards in 5 stages, each stage consisting of one purchase of 10,000 items will cost you $23,000. Buying 50,000 lanyards in a single order will cost you $15,000. In this particular example you can save $8,000 just by taking advantage of our discounts.

Cheap lanyards are great for businesses with a low budget. Promoting your brand doesn’t always have to cost a lot money. With just a few lanyards you can spread the word about your cause, brand or product and you will be amazed to see how responsive people are. Think of cheap lanyards as small commercial panels that display your logo or something else that is related to your business or event. All the big names are using cheap promotional items such as lanyards to promote their products and the results are definitely worth the investment.
Cheap lanyards are low level marketing tools that don’t provide a quantifiable short term result, but they do however provide a long term prospect that has been proven over and over again. Purchasing lanyards in bulk for promotional reasons is no longer an option, they have become a part of every marketing strategy that aims for wide exposure.

Choosing the Cheap Lanyard that Fits Your Requirements

There are many reasons for why you should consider purchasing cheap lanyards for your business or event. One would be the price - lanyards are very affordable products; secondly is the versatility of these items, they can be used as giveaways and can be used by your staff to display ID cards, hold documents and writing utensils; thirdly you have to consider how easy it is to order and store lanyards. They are ageless and they are affective now as they will be in 10 years. There is no expiry date on their promotional potential.

LanyardStore offers a wide range of cheap lanyards. You can opt for super economy lanyards, super cheap printed lanyards, custom lanyards, blank lanyards, power cord lanyards and even woven in lanyards. Different customers have different needs. Cheap doesn’t necessarily means $0.09 per lanyard although we actually offer lanyards for this low amount. Cheap means the lowest price in comparison with other manufacturers and we actually do sell lanyards for the lowest prices in the industry. We are on first positions in Google for many of our products because we offer the best service and customers keep returning to us.

Depending upon the style and the material used for making your lanyards, the choices of accessories that come along with them are influencing the final cost which may increase slightly. The super low priced lanyards often sell without any pricy accessories nor printings but most of our customers usually opt for some customization options. It all really depends on your budget and what you want from your lanyards. If they are mainly for your employees and your employees don’t come in contact with your customers too often, then a basic cheap lanyard setup with ID holder and no printings is probably one of your best choices.

The material of choice for super cheap lanyards is the nylon. It’s tough, durable and can be easily printed. The synthetic materials are most always cheaper in comparison to natural fabrics but that’s not always the case. Clear vinyl lanyards are sometimes pricier than cotton lanyards. It all depends on the quality of that particular lanyard: how well can be printed, how long the printing will last, how durable it is, how much the material costs and how aesthetic it is. All these are factors that are influencing the price.

Creating Your Cheap Lanyards

Lanyard creation with LanyardStore is an intuitive process that only takes a couple of minutes. The payment is safe and our customer support service is available to help you complete the order. The order form contains all the fields related to your lanyard creation, including the lanyard type, width, color, badge fastener, the release accessory, the imprints and several other customization options that will help you create your own cheap lanyards for the exact amount that you are willing to spend.

Our live chat support service is here to respond to your custom requests. In case your order needs clarifications please contact one of our sales managers. We take custom lanyards to another level thanks to our intuitive interface and customer support. Creating your cheap lanyard has never been easier. You can than finish the order by specifying the address, the discount code (if you have one) and then proceed to checkout where you will be required to select your payment method and enter a few payment details. Your lanyards will reach their destination in timely fashion according to your specifications.

Order today and take advantage of our low prices. LanyardStore is happy to do business with you.