Soccer, basketball, football, baseball and tennis – everyone loves sports. Rare are the people, especially amongst men, who can stay indifferent during a good game. Regardless of what kind of sport you are interested in, watching it, and in many cases participating in such an activity, is often quite exciting.

On the other hand, people who don’t see what the fuss is all about will often tell you that some games are too loud for them. While some of you might loudly disagree, a sporting event can actually be pretty loud. Cheering for your favorite team is a one-of-a-kind experience, and truthfully speaking, there are a lot of emotions involved. For someone who doesn’t feel the thrill that comes from watching sports may find themselves in loud surroundings without a good explanation for this.

From the sport enthusiasts’ point of view, they have all the reasons to cheer loudly, and every single one of their emotions is a genuine and justified one. During a game, every move is closely watched, and every second is of the greatest importance. This means that every second that flies by unnoticed is a complete and utter disappointment. On the other hand, there are a lot of things that can make sure every minute of the game is properly spent, and for one, ask yourself what a football game would be like if weren’t for the referee.

The referee has a very difficult task – he needs to be alert at all times, especially when it comes to blowing his or her whistle. Now, try to remember where is that whistle that determines so many things in a game – safely attached to a lanyard. It is often very difficult to believe that these are the simple things that make the sports world go round. Just imagine you’re watching a close game that’s extremely important to the success of the team, and the referee misses a call that could dramatically change the game, only because he couldn’t find his whistle.  That’s why lanyards are there to save the day.  Referees do everything they can to prevent these simple errors in order to officiate a fun and fair game.  Now if only they could get all the calls right…

Check out some of these of these game-changing lanyards.