The pre teen and teen-age years can be a tough time for a lot of kids. They are trying to figure out just who they are and what their place is in the world. For a lot of kids, an unfortunate part of these years can be that they find themselves the victim of bullying. This can leave them feeling terrible about themselves and all too often, utterly alone. This affects their ability to take full advantage of their time in school, and many may even avoid school in order to avoid the bullying. Letting these kids know that others do care and that they have their support can make a huge difference in how they react to bullying.

Many kids who are bullied don’t want to draw any further attention to themselves, but just knowing that others do care is so important to them. One good way to show this support is to provide students with friendship bracelets with an anti bullying message custom printed on them. These bracelets are attractive, stylish , fun to collect and send the message that bullying is not “cool” and will not be tolerated.

Custom printed nylon or polyester friendship braclets eare inexpensive, colorful, and with a strong anti-bullying printed on them, they really do make a difference. One way they can be used to raise student awareness is to have all the students participate in a contest where they submit suggestions for the school’s anti-bullying slogan. This not only helps raise awareness, but it also invests the student’s in the anti-bullying campaign. The slogan can also be custom printed on other items such as lanyards, pens, mp3 carriers and even shoelaces! These items don’t cost much, and make great fund raising items for the school’s anti bullying program.

Many schools have other support groups and extra curricular activities, and promotional items such as friendship bracelets, pens, lanyards etc. will also be perfect for them. They make great fundraising items for any group, and since they are so inexpensive to buy, they provide a great return of funds for the student’s activities. There is a wide range of items to choose from so the students will be able to select promotional items that they feel best suit their particular group, and the custom printing will make sure that their message is heard.

All students should feel safe and secure in their school, and bullying should never be tolerated. Unfortunately, all too often bullying may be beyond the control of the school’s staff, and it’s up to the students themselves to make sure it doesn’t happen. Many victims of bullying feel very alone and like no one understands what they are going through. Having the students show their support by wearing friendship bracelets custom printed with a strong anti bullying message lets all students know that bullying is not “cool’, will not be tolerated by staff or students, and that victim’s of bullying have their full support.