Summer camp can be a great experience for a child. It gives them a chance to get out, spend their summer in the sun, make new friends and learn new skills. Many camps also offer opportunities for teens to get a summer job as a camp counselor, which is a great way to learn responsibility, gain experience and earn some money. If you are responsible for managing a children’s camp, be it a day camp or “sleep away” style camp, you’ll know just how important it is that it be well organized and that the counselors and staff be easily recognized. Custom lanyards are the perfect solution.

Custom lanyards are available in a wide variety of styles, materials and colors which makes them idea for use in a summer camp. You can even have the name and logo of your camp printed on them, and the wide variety of colors makes them perfect for helping campers identify who’s who at the camp. Counselors can wear one color, staff a different color, and campers yet another. You can even order different colors for different groups of campers so the counselors will know, at a glance just who belongs where. Nametags can be clipped to the lanyards, which will make it easy for the counselors and kids to get to know each other by name. Many kids who are away from home for the first time can be pretty nervous and “homesick” and knowing their counselors and others campers by name can help them adjust more quickly to being away.

Custom lanyards are made from materials that are durable, waterproof and comfortable to wear. Besides being used to hold a nametag, they have lots of other uses as well. They make the perfect place for campers and counselors to clip their sunglasses, keys, small bottles of sunscreen or fly repellant or any other items that they want to be able to access quickly and easily while keeping their hands free.

One fun way to make good use of custom lanyards is to have special ones printed in a bright color that are used as prizes for games or other contests. It’s a simple reward that can go a long way towards encouraging a child to do his or her best. They’ll be proud to wear the lanyard to show off their accomplishment to their fellow campers. When camp is over for the year, the kids will be able to take their lanyards home with them and keep them as a souvenir of the wonderful summer they spent at camp. If you have the name of the camp custom printed on them these lanyards will continue to work for you even after the camping season is over, as they’ll help to advertise your camp to other kids who may just decide that it sounds like the perfect way to spend their next summer.

Summer camp can be a wonderful way for a child to spend their summer holidays, but for a camp to be fun, it needs to be well organized. Custom lanyards can help make keeping the camp organized a much easier task, and give your campers a summer they will always look back on with a smile.