If you are a “techie” or work in the computer/laptop or high tech repair field, then you’ll know how tiny some of the components and tools of the trade are and how easy it is to lose track of them Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to keep all of these little things within easy reach so that they were where you need them when you need them. If this sounds like a techie dream come true, then a neoprene custom lanyard may be just the thing for you!

A custom neoprene lanyard is idea for many reasons. Made from neoprene , they are soft, lightweight, comfortable and also don’t conduct electricity. This makes them the sensible choice for someone who is working with electrical components, as they reduce the risk or shock. They also prevent the discharge of static, which is extremely important when working with computers or other high tech equipment.

Lanyards are available with a wide variety of fasteners and accessories. You can choose one with an attachment to hold small tools, usb sticks or even a cell phone or mp3 player so you can listen to your music while you work. You can also purchase one with a small pouch attached, which is great for holding the tiny screws that hold the computer parts together and always seem to get lost, or the different components that you may be working with such as RAM sticks, circuit boards or other items.

If you own a computer repair business, these lanyards are an essential item for your shop. They are perfect for wearing when you do “house calls”, as you’ll be able to take all your small tools with you. You can even keep them attached to the lanyard so that they will be ready for you to just grab and go when you need them. You can also have some made up to give away as promotional items to your customers or other members of the public. You can have them custom printed with the name of your business, your phone number and website. People love these lanyards, and they are inexpensive, and they do your advertising for you.

If you own a high tech business that employs a lot of people, you’ll definitely want to have a good supply of the custom printed neoprene lanyard on hand at all times. They make your employees jobs much easier, which increases their production and your profits. Since they don’t conduct electricity, they also improve workplace safety, and they are confortable enough that your employees will be happy to wear them. You can even improve the overall atmosphere of your business by choosing a cheery color for the lanyards. Sometimes, a small and simple thing can make the most difference.

If you own a business that involves working with or repairing high tech equipment, or if you are a “techie” yourself, you’ll find that custom printed neoprene lanyards are a “must have” item. They have so many advantages that they just plain make sense for the high tech workplace.