Choosing your lanyard may be a challenging task from a creative standpoint and perhaps budget is also another factor that contributes to the choice you make. Of course, your desired lanyard has to match your requirements and the purpose that it will be used for and so is the badge holder. Depending upon the purpose for which you will be using the badge holder and the type of documents that you will be carrying using this accessory, your choice may vary. Not every badge holder is suitable for any purpose. Here the three main types of ID holders that LanyardStore is offering:
-    Clear Acrylic Badge Holders
This is the cheapest badge holder alternative that can suit any budget but not every need. Since this is the basic badge holder, it’s perfect for schools, generic events, and other low budget settings. If you don’t look for something special, such as a colorful or printed strip, clear acrylic badge holders are probably be your best option. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that will differentiate your ID badges, you should look into the other types of holders.

-    Badge Holders with Colorful Strip
Sometimes a simple colorful strip is what it takes to make your badge more effective. People are really responsive to colors and they intuitively know what one particular color might mean in most contexts. Plus, colors can make the distinction between certain attributes inside of a company or event. It’s much simpler to ‘talk’ in colors with your customers. If the people that will use your lanyards will have different roles inside your organization or event it’s best advised that you consider purchasing these badge holders or perhaps going for something even more effective: the custom badge holders with printed strip

-    Custom Badge Holders with Printed Strip
Opting for this type of badge holders is definitely your most effective option, for many reasons. Attendees, customers and staff can easily read the printed strip allowing a more fluent environment, either for an event, company or any other circumstances.  Every respectable brand out there uses custom badge holders with printed strip. They do the job perfectly and being able to have your ID holders assigned to specific roles is very important.

Depending upon your business profile and the budget available for purchasing promotional items, you will be choosing one of the main badge holder types offered by LanyardStore. When allocating your budget you have to choose in what accessory to invest more: in lanyards or in badges.  The choice is ultimately yours, nonetheless, you must qualify how important it is for your customers to be able to distinguish from a far distance the role of the person by simply looking at the color strip or the printed text from his or her badge.
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