LanyardStore manufactures lanyards of all sizes and for all purposes. Wallet lanyards are among the most popular lanyards and they are commonly seen at conventions, shopping events, malls, trips and other gatherings that make possible for the guests or participants to purchase products or services. Wallet lanyards are becoming increasingly popular mainly for their safety usage, offering maximum protection for your wallet holder which may contain a wallet with cash or some important documentation. The great benefit of these particular lanyards is more than obvious and without a doubt it will become more obvious in the near future when people will start carrying even more important documentation and objects therefore safety measures will become even more mandatory.

A wallet lanyard is more or less the same with a regular lanyard, the only difference is that when you follow the customization process you have to keep in mind the purpose for which you will be using your particular lanyard. In a sense, we don’t produce a strict type of lanyard that can only be used for a certain purpose, we are giving customers the freedom to make their own lanyards for their own purpose. A custom lanyard can be customized in order to meet the needs of carrying an ID card in a “go green” convention for example, or it can be customized in order to meet the requirements of attending a sports event and it even meets the requirements of holding a wallet while shopping around in a mall. All of this can be attained by customization a single lanyard setup.

The basic lanyard setup is here, but you can customize it in order to give it a specific role. So we don’t really manufacture “wallet lanyards”, in a sense we give you the freedom to take a basic lanyard setup that you find convenient by all aspects, including budget, design, material and accessory options, and make this setup into your very own wallet lanyards. The process is really simple, it only takes a couple of steps to complete a lanyard pattern that will be then transferred to our design staff and then to our engineers that will process the pattern in order to create your products. The order form includes several up to a dozen customization options that will allow you to specify what you want your lanyards to look like and what type of attachments you want them to have.

What to Look For In A Wallet Lanyard

As mentioned before, what makes a lanyard a wallet lanyard is the way you customize your basic lanyard setup and the type of accessories that you choose to go along with it. You are looking to have a lanyard that is properly sized and in a direct proportion with the weight of the wallets.  Larger, thicker lanyards are heavy but safer, while the smaller ones offer more comfort over safety. A thinner lanyard attached to a heavy wallet is indeed quite uncomfortable to wear and for that purpose, a thicker one in this case will distribute the weight properly around your neck.
Comfort is key, if they don’t feel comfortable, your employees or guests will not wear them. Also don’t opt for the breakaway connector or the Velcro closure, wallet lanyards should never break easily. The neoprene wallet lanyard can be fitted with a detachable buckle which can offer flexibility to the user that wants to remove the weight from his neck easily. For other types of lanyards you will have to correlate your connecter accessories to the neck wallet holder.

How to Choose Your Wallet Lanyards
Depending upon the average size and weight of the wallets the lanyards will have to support, you can choose from a wide range of custom lanyards. We have thinner and lighter lanyards for holding small wallets, medium lanyards for holding medium-sized wallets and also thicker and heavier lanyards for really securing wallets filled with valuable documents, credit cards and cash.
But the customization does not stop only at the size of the lanyards, you can also opt from multiple types of materials such as nylon, clear vinyl, neoprene, cotton and denim. The material will have to reflect the requirements of your guests, staff or attendees. Some people will not wear nylon, while some people don’t like wearing denim. If they have strong preferences, make sure you choose the right type of material for your custom lanyards.

Another important distinction between lanyards is the shape. You can choose between a cord or strap lanyard  but generally speaking, most of our customers go for the strap lanyards since they are somehow more comfortable to wear when the objects that are attached to them are reasonably heavier than ID cards or whistles.
Let’s look at some of the lanyard setups that can be customized in order to become wallet lanyards.

-    Super Cheap Printed Lanyards
-    Custom Printed Discount Lanyards
-    Custom Lanyards No Minimum Order
-    Rush Lanyards
-    Cheap Custom Lanyards
-    Power Cord Lanyards
-    Imprinted Neoprene Lanyards
-    Custom Transparent Vinyl Lanyards
-    Cotton Lanyards
-    Denim Lanyards
-    and several others

LanyardStore offers a brand new perspective to wallet lanyards. Our high-quality lanyards are the cheapest you can find. The reason we are able to cut down on our prices so much is because we have invested half of million dollars in printing and manufacturing equipment that allows us to print better, faster and cheaper. Since 1997 we are constantly improving the way we manufacture lanyards and for the past several years we have established ourselves as the top lanyard seller on the online market today.

You don’t need to know everything about lanyards to be able to order wallet lanyards from LanyardStore. Our customer support is here to guide you through the order process from start to finish. Our live chat support is also available to answer any question that you may have as well as put you in contact directly with one of our sales managers. Order custom wallet lanyards from LanyardStore today!