It’s almost the end of summer and we have a ton of water bottle lanyards left, so we thought we should talk about why they are so great.  

We’re sure that you’ve heard that the average person should be drinking close to 8 cups of water per day.  When we feel thirsty, it’s actually our bodies telling us that we’re dehydrated.  Because of these two facts, it’s important to keep a bottle of water with you, especially on one of these last warm summer days. We need to compensate the water that leaves our body through sweating and keep hydrated all the time. That is why the bottle of water that we carry with us has to be easily accessible and the best way to do so is to use water bottle lanyards.

These lanyards are usually made from high quality nylon and come in a wide range of colors including both predetermined and custom colors. You can buy water bottle lanyards from us and specify the length and width of lanyards as well as choose from one of our logos in our free graphics catalog. A rubber water bottle holder at the end of lanyards is also included.

You can usually buy lanyards in bulk, purchasing 150 pieces or more, which makes it ideal for athletic stores and sport organizations. Travel agencies that have hiking arrangements in their offer can also benefit if they choose to buy water bottle lanyards for their clients.  You might give them away as a token of appreciation and the customers will be trilled to continue using that agency’s services. Also, when shopping, taking your dog for a walk, or riding a bicycle it is always handy to keep a bottle of water in your reach. So, there’s no need to always carry a bag and check how much water you have left; water bottle lanyards will make everything more easily reachable.