There’s an unexpected knock at your door and when you look out, you see that it’s someone you don’t know and don’t recognize. Would you answer the door and let them in? For many people, the answer would be “no”. This can be a big problem for many legitimate businesses who send out repairmen or people who make sales calls and often even for plain-clothes police officers and people canvasing for charitable organizations. While you can have your employees wear a badge clipped to their jacket with your business name on it, these badges can be obtrusive and get in the way or even fall off and become lost. A simple solution to this problem is to provide your employees with a badge holder attached to a custom printed lanyard.

A badge holder that is clipped to a custom printed lanyard worn around the neck is easy to access, unobtrusive, and will allow your employee to hold the ID badge up for the occupant of the house so they can easily see it through the peephole in their door. The lanyard is made of a fabric that’s both durable and comfortable, won’t catch on their other clothes and won’t damage their clothing the way a clip on badge can sometimes do. They also won’t have to worry about it falling off and getting lost. Your employees or volunteers are sure to find this a much more comfortable and practical option than a conventional clip on style badge holder.

The lanyard can be custom printed with the name of your company or organization and even your group’s logo. This makes them attractive and also provides an extra level of reassurance to anyone seeing them. They will know, at a glance which company the person wearing it works for or represents. The lanyards come in a nice variety of colors, which means that you are sure to find one that appeals to you. A good option is to select one that has the printing in a contrasting color to the lanyard, as this will make it easy to see and read. Constructed from a fabric that waterproof, durable and comfortable to wear, these lanyards give members of the public a simple way to identify your employees.

The printing on the lanyard also does ‘double duty’ as it not only provides current customers with an easy way to identify your employees, it is also is a form of passive advertising. It gives you one more way to get your company or organization’s name out there and in the public eye.

An extra nice feature of a badge holder and custom printed lanyard is that with a combined cost for both items starting at only 37 cents each, they are very inexpensive to purchase. Each employee can have their own and they won’t need to return it and the end of their working day. If you do decide that having your employees or representatives share them is the best option, the design of the badge holder makes it easy to switch one ID badge for another.

A custom printed lanyard with an ID holder attachment is a simple way for your employees, volunteers or representatives to wear their ID that is comfortable, durable and easy to access. This gives your current and potential customers an easy way to identify just who they are and who they work for so that the next time they knock at the door, they won’t feel nervous about opening it up and welcoming them in.