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How does a breakaway attachment work
and why when should you buy breakaway lanyards?


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Learn more about breakaway lanyards vs. regular lanyards...What are the benefits of a breakaway clasp?

Breakaway lanyards are a safety feature that snaps apart when pulled. Some breakaways work via a cylindrical plastic snap type of mechanism (as in the picture below), others use a flat plastic snap. The oldest method is just to put a velcro patch on the ends. This method isn't as common anymore because of the disadvantages of velcro:
a) Velcro tends to wear out and become less sticky over time
b) Velcro is scratchy and irritates the back of the wearers neck
c) When someone has long hair, the hair snags in the vecro and gets tangled up. Very annoying.

Thus most companies now offer the plastic snap style.
Breakaway lanyards are ideal when the lanyard might get caught and strangle or trap the wearer. Thus they are highly recommended around heavy machinery, printing presses, auto mechanics, etc.

In addition, any situation where the lanyard might be used to strangle the wearer during a combative scenario. Thus concert security, bar bouncers, teachers, police or other types of security personnel should always wear breakaway lanyards.

Also, breakaway lanyards are highly recommended for children, as the lanyard could get caught up in playground equipment or tree branches the children might be climbing on, and create a safety hazard.

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Hopefully this reference has helped you decide whether you would need breakaway lanyards or regular lanyards for your upcoming order. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.


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