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Lanyards Home

The staff of Lanyards Store enjoys helping the less fortunate animals in our community. Over the years we've rescued, fixed and fostered quite a few animals.

We keep abandoned cats at our warehouse, whereas wild (feral) cats we catch, fix and release back into their home outside. This is a little blog we wrote about it.

Currently in our warehouse, we have a room that has been converted to what we call the "kitty condo". This is where we foster cats while we try to find nice families with whom they can share their lives. We don't have space at the warehouse for dogs. However, a heroic member of our staff fosters dogs from her home.

We're not just doing this to help the animals...
In fact we are certain beyond any shadow of doubt that when you place a pet in a good home, you are benefiting people even more than the animals. We know the cats we foster are all truly wonderful companions, and each one will give back to it's owner(s) much more than they take. In fact, it's proven scientifically that people who own pets live longer and healthier lives.

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