Lanyards Store now offers personalized lanyards as low as 20 cents. We are the cheapest source for printed badge-lanyards anywhere - guaranteed. Big Sale Now!

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How do we personalize lanyards with your logo, and ship them in 24 hours?!
Most of the companies online (actually ALL of them that we know of except for us) order their lanyards preprinted from China. They are just websites. Sometimes run from some guy as a part-time business, or a group of expert website builders in India. Some of them have hundred of websites selling everything, and they just process the orders and send them out. That's how it works now.. Thanks to Google's flawed business model, the top rankings now go to the top search manipulators, not the most genuine players in an industry.

But I digress. The point is, most customers, when ordering personalized lanyards, are told that their order will take 10 business days, with no exceptions. This is how long it takes for their supplier in China to print the order and dropship it to you on their behalf. They keep a nice profit (sometimes tripling the actual cost). You could have ordered them from China yourself, if you knew the factory and how to send them the specifications.
At Lanyards Store, when it comes to personalized lanyards... We make 'em. We print 'em. We've done it for 20 years now.

When we get your order, we prepare your graphic and send you the proof. Once it's approved we make the screens and actually physically print the lanyards at our warehouse. The lanyard straps are run through a large web and spindle screen printing contraption that specifically screen prints strap material. There are picture and videos of this online so I won't clutter this page with them here. Once they are printed, they are baked in a conveyer oven at appoximately 500 degrees for about 45 seconds and then allowed to cool. We then pack them up, box them up and ship them out.. "personalized lanyards" in as little as a day!. When you buy from us, you are giving employment to people right here in the USA... And guess what: It's cheaper! Yes cheaper than the ones coming from China.

So why don't our competitors do that? Because it's a lot of work. And they don't know how to do it because it's a skilled craft. They allocate their time to creating fake links, bogus websites and other marketing schemes to trick Google into placing them high in the rankings. And Google falls for it. Also, and perhaps most paramount, lanyard printing equipment is EXPENSIVE. It is very specific and must be brought in from overseas. This equipment is not made by any USA equipment company. One cannot use t-shirt printing or knick-knack printing equipment to personalize lanyards. It has one purpose and that's printing custom lanyards. And it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. So why do all that when you can just build a website and send your orders to China.

Well, that's why we can do it. That's why we can personalize lanyards in 1 day. And that's why we're cheaper than they are.    


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Offers personalized lanyards as low as 20 cents. We are the cheapest source for printed badgeholders anywhere - guaranteed. Compare and save. We urge our customers to order early and allow proper lead time. Please see our help/faq section for further info on ordering and lots of good advice. Call Vivienne Sari for fast customer service. Whether your order is for 72 pcs. or an entire 20-foot container, you'll find that nobody can beat our manufacturing-direct pricing. Many times, we are less than half the amount of our competitors! You'll also find that our acclaimed graphics dept. and customer service is next to none. We are experts in the making and delivery these printed items. We also export to anywhere in the world. Offers personalized lanyards as low as 20 cents. We are the cheapest source for printed badgeholders anywhere - guaranteed. Compare and save.


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