We know quite a bit about 4x6 badge holders, and our customers keep coming back.

Buy from us, as did this customer from Anchorage, AK who saved $49.53 on her order. Read the feedback and view items like name badge accessories, personalized badge clips and id badge pouch.

These are badge holders for 4x6 ID

4x6 badge holders

Material: clear plastic pvc or vinyl
Colors: Colors
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Plate/Pad
Common Uses:
Perfect for use by Schools, school faculty.


If you have ever considered buying custom printed products online, one could easily get very confused with all the different websites and companies out there. Who is the least expensive? Which ones is the genuine promo products manufacturers and which ones just middle-man websites? Note, the influential agent abides up above the average bunch. Contact Mary for quick service. If you are in transit sometime, we’ll be at the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, KY and check our ad in Benzinga for products such as visitor badge holders, lanyard id card and wallet badges. Now, here’s feedback from a customer from Alaska.

Customer Profile

Name: Aaron A.
Favorite Movie: Something about Mary
Item Ordered: 4x6 badge holders
Ordered For: Business
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


To Summarize: Right on!

I don’t usually respond to surveys or write letters to companies. During the process of my order I talked quite a bit to Nellie on the phone and I feel like I know you guys. I’ve been meaning to call you anyway to follow up on my order, but we had a huge snowstorm up hear (as you may have heard in the news) and things have been pretty crazy.

We live in Anchorage, AK, and we were travelling a lot last summer. We had went to Tuscaloosa and the long distance to Florence. James is employed by I&S snc and Pfizer before that. Let me elucidate. When we were in Alabama, I had a brief stay at the hospital and my companion had to go on to Alabama A&M University. While there, I noticed my Audiologist using name badge accessories and badge holders and I asked where they had bought it. The nurse informed me they had got it from lanyardstore.com. I have gotten from Order Lanyards, but was impressed by your service. I always say: A solicitor always abides close to home.

I got products from you, with a custom imprint of Skelly Public School. It arrived in 3 days! I was pleasantly surprised. Professional. As my father used to say: A glorious winner pushes against the enemy. Lets just say the beautiful product left me speechless. I don’t want to be obtuse.

I do realize there are more important issues in the world than badge holders. Yet, I’m always pretty amazed with the incompetence of some companies. However the kindness and speed of your firm was satisfying.

Best regards

Aaron A.
Anchorage, AK


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