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Image of lanyards for adjustable ID

adjustable lanyards

Material: polyester or cotton fabric
Colors: black, royal blue
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Screen Printed
Common Uses:
These are often used by students, Good for kids or big large people, who need to adjust the length. Works well for some sports, skydiving, surfing…Can be adjusted tight so the lanyard won't fly off. Useful for Trade shows & conventions. Very inexpensive.


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Customer Profile

Name: Aaron R.
Favorite Movie: Zero Effect
Item Ordered: adjustable lanyards
Ordered For: Personal
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


In a few words… You're so smart!


Thanks for sending the follow up email… Perfect timing as were just packing up the items you sent to take to the convention. This has been an unbelievably hectic week. First, my husband had to leave because they had a windstorm 300 miles away and he had to go do emergency contract work which will have him away for at least a month. Then the same week my mom had a minor stroke (she’s okay, thank God, but was in the hospital for 2 days with me by her side). And the next day my dad won the scratcher lottery for $8,000. So we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… literally.

We live in Barrow, AK, and we were venturing frequently last year. We had adventured Vestavia Hills and afar Gadsden. John works for Lumidor Safety Products and Ford Motor before that. Let me explain. When we were in Alaska, I had a respit at the health clinic and my affilliate had to go on to Alabama State University. While there, I beheld the Allergist using plastic id card holders and lanyards and I inquired where they had aquired it. The lady gave me information they had bought it from I have got from The Lanyard Factory, but was impacted by your service. I always say: A solicitor always dwells nigh abode.

I bought items from you, with a imprint of Peavine Public School. It arrived in 4 days! I was very happy with them. Business like. As my dad used to say: A victorious leader drives opposed the adversary. Lets just say the nice product left me mum. I don’t want to be blunt.

I do ascertain there are more big problems in the humanity than lanyards. Yet, I’m always really astonished with the impotence of some sellers. Even so the courtesy and celerity of your firm was enjoyable.


Aaron R.
Barrow, AK


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