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Here is id lanyards for beaded ID

beaded id lanyards

Material: polyester or cotton fabric
Colors: black, white, royal blue, green, navy blue, red, yellow, gray, orange, pink. custom colors available.
Printing Available: Depends on Attachment
Type of Imprint: Plate/Pad
Common Uses:
Useful for customers like tour groups, cashiers, film crew, private security staff,.


Customer Profile

Name: Allie D.
Favorite Movie: Thirteen Ghosts
Item Ordered: beaded id lanyards
Ordered For: Church Event
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


Just ... Amazing!

When did the world change so much? I remember back in the day when you had no other option but to call your supplier, give your order, than wait for the delivery and there was no control or feedback mechanism like there is today. You can simply vote for or against a company with a simple review. I’m glad I’m able to write my opinions about my last order from you because there are some things that I would like to point out.

First of all, my order shipped in just 7 days which I'm very happy about. I had a deadline and I met it. Second, I was shocked to have your customer rep Sara be so helpful and kind to my needs. It's not everyday you come across a rep online that helps you save. The beaded ID lanyards came out perfect for our church event. They were a big deal and I might just have to order more.

Thank you

Allie D.
Bakersfield, CA


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