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Image: clip keyrings for belt ID

belt clip keyrings

Material: plastic case with metal parts
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Pad Printed Or Epoxy Dome
Common Uses:
User suggestions: bus and train crew, park rangers, cruise ship crews, cashiers,.



Customer Profile

Name: Almeda A.
Favorite Movie: The Thirteenth Floor
Item Ordered: belt clip keyrings
Ordered For: My University
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


My customer feedback

Tell Sara that they are beautiful. I’m happy that I listened to her because she gave me the right advice. I had no idea how much the colors can influence the mood of people. I usually order them in blue and sometimes dark green but the pink ones and especially the red ones have become my customers’ favorites.

I called in and Sara, your representative was very helpful. I ordered the belt clip keyrings for my University's book store. These items were a hit and I will continue to order more from your company. I usually receive my order within a week of my order so that is a good thing, plus the I'm constantly saving.

Thank you

Almeda A.
San Jose, CA


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