In the past several years, Anneliese has been placing orders through our website.  When she first started buying from us, she ordered badges for her promotion company. After a couple months of ordering, she started including lanyards and from there on, we established our relationship with her. She always puts in a good word for us and has referred a few companies our way. As you will see, she has nothing but good words to say about our service.

Customer Profile

Name: Anneliese A.
Favorite Movie: The Buffalo Boy
Item Ordered: discount lanyards
Ordered For: school trip
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


The Lanyards Store is outstanding!

I have a very successful promotion company who was in dire need of new id badges for our clients. When I came across The Lanyard Store, I was very eager to get my order started after hearing about their low prices and how much I could save. My first order was a huge amount of id badges which took about 10 business days to arrive. 10 Days was not much of a wait taking in the fact that most places told me I had to wait 15 business days.

I continued to order from them and have referred them to a couple of my close collegues and family members. The customer service is excellent and I love how they give you the status of your order throughtout the waiting time.  Thank you Lanyard store for the great customer service!

Anneliese A.
Salina, KS


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