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hanging wallets

Material: nylon fabric with clear plastic window
Colors: Black, Blue, Red and Yellow
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Screen Printed
Common Uses:
User suggestions: patients at hospitals, farm workers, crowd control personnel, nightclub security,.


Customer Profile

Name: Antwan H.
Favorite Movie: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble
Item Ordered: hanging wallets
Ordered For: Trade Show ID
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


Your Feedback

I just got back from my vacation and I’m ready to begin work again. I got the package and I just finished looking over the products and let me tell you, there was a lot to look over but I got through it and I am very satisfied.  You wrote me asking for a review on my last order. I’m more than happy to give you one, however keep in mind that I havent gotten any feedback from my employees yet.

I myself have already worn the hanging wallets for my company's trade show. I must say that these things last me and 2 other collegues the entire weekend. Most of the time, walking around and swinging them around along with meeting people can ware them out pretty easily. But your hanging wallets worked great. Thank you!


Antwan from Vineyard, MA

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