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A fine example of cost lanyards for low ID

low cost lanyards

Material: polyester or cotton fabric
Colors: black, white, royal blue, green, navy blue, red, yellow, gray, orange, pink. custom colors available.
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Screen Printed
Common Uses:
Some customers might include realty agents and brokers, patients at hospitals, sports attendees, political rally organizers,.


Customer Profile

Name: Barbra P.
Favorite Movie: The Aristocats
Item Ordered: low cost lanyards
Ordered For: Attending a show
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


Your Review:

Hey Rachel, glad you remembered me … If you lived in my city we would definitely hang out … anyways, thank you for sending me the survey, I usually don’t respond to these things coming from the majority of my suppliers because there’s nothing I could say, plus I have no other choice but to use their services so … I will try to  make this as objective as possible.

As I was searching all over the internet for the cheapest lanyards, I came across your website and I found it to be rather helpful. I called and Rachel, your customer service rep assisted me happily and I even saved on my order. Thank you and I will come back when I need more promotional products. Great prices!


Barbra P.
Newark, NJ


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