Manufacturer and printer of marine corps lanyards, maybe that’s why our customers always continue buying again and again.

Buy from the pros, just like a customer who lives in Santa Fe, NM who bought and saved $30.60 from her purchase. Take a look at the letter below and see how much we accomidated our wonderful customer.

Picture of corps lanyards for marine ID

marine corps lanyards

Material: polyester or cotton fabric
Colors: black, white, royal blue, green, navy blue, red, yellow, gray, orange, pink. custom colors available.
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Screen Printed
Common Uses:
Some customers might include marching bands, factory workers, bus drivers, real estate brokers,.


Customer Profile

Name: Basilia N.
Favorite Movie: The Ape Man
Item Ordered: marine corps lanyards
Ordered For: Trade Show
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


To boil it down: I'm your new loyal customer

You guys surprised me with those discounts. Before I talked to Sean I had no idea how the system works and how many I was able to buy for $2,000. Anyway, here is my opinion on your services and I’m glad you are curious about what I have to say.

I needed my order very soon due to an emergency event my work was hosting. We needed to order a ton of laynards for the event and I was stressed about how we are going to get this done in time. When I called, your customer representative was very polite and even helped me by offering a bundle so that I could save.  I received my order in just 10 business days and it was exactly the way I asked for.

It is rare to come across an online business that gives quailty service and I am very happy to use your business any time we need more lanyards.

Best regards

Basilia N.
Santa Fe, NM


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