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Pictured: tag pouches for name ID

name tag pouches

Material: Nylon with Plastic Window
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Screen Printed
Common Uses:
Perfect for use by nightclub promoters, businesses in general who need to promote their name, snowboarders, cocktail waitress.


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Customer Profile

Name: Benny B.
Favorite Movie: The Air Up There
Item Ordered: Name tag pouches
Ordered For: Kids Event
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


In a few words… Now you've figured it out.


I don’t usually get requested to offer feedback or reviews but I'll be more than happy to give one to you. The order came a bit sooner than I expected, which means I have more time to set everything right, hopefully giving me some time to spend calming those wild kids that we all know and love :)

We live in Massena, NY, and we were jorneying just about every week this past fall. We had progressed from Melbourne and down to Homestead. Bennie (yes...Bennie and Benny) works with Analog Devices and Taisho Pharmaceutical before that. Let me elaborate. When we were in Idaho, I had a stop over at the conservatory and my comrade had to go on to Saint Mary's Seminary & University. While there, I sought out the ophthalmic technician using Office Depot lanyards and tag pouches and I queried as to where they had found it. The RN let on to me that they had bought it from I have purchased from Artco Promotional Products, but was most comforted by your service.

I finally settled on products from you guys, with a very professional copper imprint of Lexington Elementary School. We got the box in 12 days, which as I had mentioned was faster than I expected! I was pleased. Skillfull. As my Uncle Denny used to say: A majestic king persuades towards the rival. Lets just say the knock out product left me speechless. I don’t want to be TOO overdramatic :)

I am more than well aware that there are bigger questions in the galaxy than tag pouches. Yet, I’m always a little dumbfounded with the inapptitude of some companies. But the amiability and rapidity of your firm was pleasing.


Benny B.
Massena, NY


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