After talking to Brittanie, I was able to successfully complete her order. Per our conversation, she  expressed her frustration of finding the right company who offered decent prices. I was glad to accomodate her with our low prices and save her some money as well. Please take a look at her review and hope you find it inviting to order for yourself and/or your business.


Customer Profile

Name: Britt C.
Favorite Passtime or Hobby: Singing In Choir
Item Ordered: personalized neck wallets
Ordered For: Employee identification
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


My Wonderful Experience

I’m glad you asked for my opinion although I was going to give you one anyway.  The package arrived today in perfect condition and it was everything I asked for.

I had to volunteer at my son's school and came across the secretary wearing her id badge. I asked her where the school gets their id badges and they referred me to you guys. I had my associate order online and we got our badges in just 10 days which is sooner than I expected. The customer service was excellent and they kept me informed on the status of my order. I have already referred you guys to my partners and sister companies.

Yours truly

Britt C.
Crossville, TN

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