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rush badge holders

Material: nylon with clear plastic
Colors: black, blue, red and yellow
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Screen Printed
Common Uses:
Common customers are distributors with late clients, last minute gift or promotion planner, last minute event planning, forgot to order, other company messed up your order, need it quickly,.



Customer Profile

Name: Chance B.
Favorite Movie: Matriculated
Item Ordered: rush badge holders
Ordered For: Company security
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


I love my badge holders

Hello, this reply is my feedback on the last order from your company. I found out this morning that I forgot to order the other model that I talked about with Sara on the phone. Well, I am about to make another order so I will make this review brief and to the point.

I work for a security company and we were unexpectedly working an event in downtown but we needed our badge holders within 1 week. I called your company and Sara did an excellent job assisting me in what I needed. I even saved a good amount from my order. Long story short, I received my badge holders on time for the event and it worked well. Thank you and I am now going to order my next order.

Best regards

Chance B.
Milwaukee, WI


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